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  2. Tea room, Juan-do

Tea room, Juan-do

  • Dogo-kan, Tea Room Juando

    The teahouse of the Warring States Warlords and Oribe Furuta, which is reported to have been Kyoto Seiganji Temple Chikurin-in, has been faithfully reproduced based on the ancient drawing on the 3rd floor garden of Dogo-kan. Please feel the stylishness of Japanese architecture in the real Masakiya built by Miya Daiko of Kyoto at all without using nails.
  • The tea spirit of Furuta Oribe, to the present.
    In this place, we put our thoughts in mind so that everyone can keep pleasing with the people and purely fellowship with people.It is a great pleasure to serve as a prayer of your heart.

    Japanese traditional beauty welcomes you.

Stream flow

  • 1. A wait

    Please feel free to wear a yukata robe and sandals.
    A little excitement in front of a tea room with a touch.
    Please enjoy delicious chat for a while until time comes.
  • 2. Guidance

    Go through the trail of lights to the tea room.
    First of all, please enjoy the atmosphere of the night in the garden.
  • 3. Tsubaai

    Tsukuba (蹲踞, 蹲) is one of the adjuncts of the Japanese garden, plus a stone in a low hand bowl placed to cleanse the hand before entering the tea room and adds a touch.When washing your hands with hands, its name comes from "Tsukuba (crouching)".

    Let's go to the tea room to purify your hands and do tea ceremonies.
  • Four. Hospitality

    You will enjoy green tea and sweets.
    Because it dispenses with a light taste to children,
    Bitterness is also less reliable.
  • Five. Dogo-kan Tea Room Juando Experience Tea Room Juando

    After having your green tea, those who wish can experience the experience of drinking tea.
    Tea ceremony teaches carefully, so you can have fun at first time people.
    As chairs are also available, please do not hesitate to ask
    ※It may not be possible to experience due to the situation of the day's reservation.
  • After the tea room experience, please relax and relax in the garden.

- Tea Room Juando hospitality charge(Commission), Introduction -

  • Soshin Nakajima

    "Ishin Denshin"
    Chanoyu will guide you to the entrance of the Chanoyu.