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  • The way to Dogo-kan, a place where you can feel the history.
    Please enjoy the old-fashioned townscapes of Yunomachi Dogo.

- Access to Dogo-kan -

Address〒790-0841, 7-26 Dogotako Town, Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture
Access15 minutes by taxi from JR Yosan-line"Matsuyama Station" / 30 minutes from Matsuyama Highway Matsuyama IC
Parking60 cars (paid / 550 yen per car per stay.)
Matsuyama Airport·Tokyo ⇒ Matsuyama Airport about 1 hour 20 minutes, ·Osaka ⇒ Matsuyama Airport, About 50 minutes

  ★Access from Matsuyama Airport to Dogo Onsen★
   - When using a limousine bus -
    1st floor Arrival lobby floor From the front, please get on the limousine bus in Matsuyama city ​​· Dogo Onsen line.
    Please get off at the terminal / Dogo-Onsen Station by limousine bus.(About 40 minutes)
  - When using a taxi -
    Matsuyama Airport ⇒ Dogo-kan, about 30 minutes by taxi, about 3500 yen
Matsuyama Kanko Poat·From Hiroshima, Ujina Tourist Port by super jet (high speed boat) about 70 minutes at the shortest
          About 2 hours 40 minutes by cruise ferry

  ★Access to Dogo from Matsuyama Kanko Poat★
  -If using the train-
   Matsuyama Kanko Poat ⇒ Takahama Station (route bus) approximately 2 minutes, 220 yen for adults
   In front of Takahama Station  ⇒ Matsuyama City Station (suburban train) approximately 21 minutes, 460 yen for adults
   Matsuyama City Station  ⇒ Dogo Onsen Station (tram) approximately 20 minutes, 200 yen for adults

  - When using a taxi -
   Matsuyama Kanko Poat ⇒ Dogo-kan, about 25 minutes by taxi, about 3000 yen
Matsuyama, Mitsuhama Port·About 2 hours 35 minutes by cruise ferry from Yamaguchi and Yanai Port

 ★Access to Dogo Onsen from Mitsuhama Port★
 - For public transportation use -
  ·Iyo-Tetsu Bus approximately 40 minutes to Matsuyama City Station by Iyo-Tetsu Bus (Mitsu・Yoshida Line)
  ·10 to 15 minutes on foot to Iyo Railway Mitsu Station
  Iyo-tetsu Takahama Yokogawara Line approximately 20 minutes to Matsuyama City Station by Iyo-tetsu Takahama Yokogawara Line
  ⇒About 20 minutes from Matsuyama City station towards Dogo-Onsen Station tram

 - When using a taxi -
  Mitsuhama Port道 Dogo Pass, taxi about 30 minutes, about 3500 yen
JR Matsuyama Station·About 2 hours and 50 minutes by Limited Express Shiokaze from JR Okayama Station

 ★Access to Dogo Onsen from JR Matsuyama Station★
 - When using trams -
  Take the tram from JR Matsuyama Station to Dogo-Onsen Station, about 30 minutes, 200 yen for adults.

 - When using a taxi -
  JR Matsuyama Station ⇒ Dogo-kan, until about 15 minutes by taxi, about 2500 yen
  • When using expressway

    ●Matsuyama Road, about 20 minutes from Matsuyama Interchange (About 8km)
     Please take Route 33 to Matsuyama city and the Dogo side of the road.
  • Shimanami Kaido coming from Shimanami Kaido / Imabari

    ●It is approximately one hour ten minutes via National Route 317 from Imabari Interchange (About 38 kg)
     ※It will be a route beyond the mountain.(Face-to-face lane)
     National Route 196 is a route passing by the sea. (About 1 hour 30 minutes)