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  2. Ryotei four seasons, flower number

Ryotei four seasons, flower number

Private room style restaurant where you can enjoy the changes of the four seasons with your eyes and tongue"Four seasons, number of flowers"

  • To provide you with the best taste of Setouchi, blessed with rich nature.
    While being simple, do not spare your time and effort, you can enjoy a cuisine cuisine created with confidence.

Lunch information

  • Noon meal - noon of kaiseki cuisine course -

    【Opening Hour】
    11:00 to 14:00(Final reception / 13:00)

    It is a special meal dish for the month.
    We have a variety of afternoon meals.

    ■Facility onsen with bathing service
  • ◆◆◆ Notice of change in business hours and menu for lunch ◆◆◆

    The business day of lunch and the course will be changed from April 2019.

    Business day: Every Saturday · Sunday · Holidays only

    【Lunch only】·3,300 yen (Tsubaki), 5,500 yen(Asuka)
    【All-day plan】·6,600 yen (kin), 8,800 yen(dance) ·12,100 yen(A shoe)
    ※For the all-day plan menu, see the "Evening Meal" menu.
    ※All the above charges include tax.

    ※Other celebrations, lawyers etc. We will receive dinner etc. Please contact us.
  • In order to make you feel at ease with relaxing people, with a relaxing seating in a private room style using partitions, a caterer will explain dishes one by one dish.
    We are waiting for everyone with the highest grade hospitality so that we can satisfy our guests who come for meals.

    Please feel free to reserve / inquire.

Information on the evening meal

  • Kaiseki cuisine course of the night Zen ~ night ~

    【Opening Hour】
    17: 30-22: 00(Last reception / 21:00)

    It is a kaiseki meal.
    We offer a variety of evening meals.

    ■Facility onsen with bathing service

    ※The picture is a spring food image. The menu is seasonal.

- Separate hospitality in a space separated by individual rooms -

  • Chair seat

    You can enjoy your meal in a chair segregated in a private room style.
    ※The photo shows the restaurant four seasons chair seat.
  • Small rising seat

    In the digging-style small raised seats,
    You can relax and feel like a room.Available for 3 seats (2 to 6 people) only.
  • Private room venue

    If you have a request, the room charge is 5,500 yen (tax included).
    We can also prepare a fully private tatami room for 7 to 16 people.(Reservation required)
  • Restaurant Hanazuki (Spring 2020 Open)

    A new restaurant "Ryotei Hanazuri" has been newly established in this facility.

    Kisho Kurokawa's architectural theme, `` Good old things full of ease and freshness,
    Various elements are based on the philosophy of symbiosis utilizing the harmony of old and new
    The motif is a motif of flowers and butterflies of Japanese painter Hiroko Otake in the space created and embedded
    The work was completed with brilliant colors.