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Ehime / Dogo Area, Introducing History and Townscapes

  • Dogo-kan to Dogakidan, a place where you can feel the history, Yunomachi Dogo, please enjoy the old-fashioned townscape after the road.

Dogo Onsen

  • Dogo Onsen is the oldest hot spring in Japan, along with Arima and Shirahama that appear in Nihon Shoki.
    It is said that "Shirasagi-no-yu" from the legend that the wounds healed and recovered spiritually while the legs were wounded by the Shirasagi, which had been wounded by the legs, while he soaked his feet in a hot spring springing from Iwama.It has also been recorded that many great people such as Emperor Saimei Shotoku Taishi, Emperor Saimei, Soseki Natsume and Shiki Masaoka Shokiki have enjoyed Dogo-no-yu of Dogo-no-yu after crossing the sea where many great people and literary artists spread.

Dogo Onsen Main Building

  • Dogo Onsen Dogo Onsen Main Building famous as a symbolic building of Dogo Onsen Main Building.It is managed as the current active office while being designated as a national important cultural asset for the first time as a public bath in Japan in 1994.It has received high acclaim overseas as well, and in Michelin it is the only three star in Shikoku.
    You can also see the beauty of the structure of the magnificent three-tiered tower, and the "Yushinden" for the royal family.

    【Opening Hours / 6: 00-23: 00(No bid / 22: 30), No regular holiday】

Dogo Haikara-dori Street·Karakuri Clock

  • An L-shaped arcade street that connects Dogo-Onsen Station to Dogo Onsen Main Building.About 60 stores such as Ehime and Dogo souvenir shops and restaurants are lined up.Dogo Onsen Ekimae there are sights that you can feel the good old Dogo, such as Karakuri Clock, Hojoen (Ashiyu), and Botchan Train.

    ■"About 5 minutes on foot from the hotel"


  • Opened as Dogo Onsen 3rd Outdoor hot Dogo Onsen in September, Heisei.Based on the theme of "Ancient Dogo", the legend and the story about Dogo Onsen are produced by the work that collaborated with the traditional art of Ehime and the latest art. It is a base to disseminate new hot spring culture which can be experienced only in Ehime / Matsuyama, with the healing of hot springs.There is also a family bath as a special bath.

    ■"About 5 minutes on foot from the hotel"

Shiki Masaoka Memorial Museum

  • People who came through the world with familiar to Matsuyama of Shiki Masaoka, deepen their understanding of traditional culture and literature, with the aim to contribute to the creation of a new culture, it opened in Showa (time period) We introduce document and picture while introducing introduction of person concerned with life of child such as Shioki Shiki Masaoka, Soseki Natsume, Kyoshi Takahama. Haiku lectures for beginners will also be held.

    ■About 5 minutes by car from the hotel<Approximately 10 minutes on foot>

Dogo Onsen, Ruins of Yuzuki Castle

  • In the park, there is a Dogo Onsen Main Building that was used until the Dogo Onsen Main Building of the Dogo Onsen Main Building, and the Shooka Shiki Masaoka Memorial Museum.
    In the central and northern gardens, the flowers that match the season are highlights, especially in the spring as cherry blossoms.

    ■About 5 minutes by car from the hotel<Approximately 10 minutes on foot>

Ishite Temple

  • The 51st temple in Shikoku eighty-eight temples pilgrimage.
    Many legends remain as temple of Ohenro (pilgrimage) Legend birthplace. The precincts, including the Niomon Gate of the national treasure, the main hall of the important cultural property, you will find many attractions such as the Three-storied pagoda
    In 2009, it was selected as one star in the Michelin Guide.

    ■About 5 minutes by car from the hotel

Matsuyama Castle

  • Matsuyama Castle is one of the "12 existing castles" that only 12 remain in Japan.
    Edo (time period) is also one of the castle towers that was built before the Edo (time period).
    It has been selected as Top 100 Beautiful Historical Sites of Japan"Top 100 Beautiful Historical Sites of Japan" along with "Top 100 Beautiful Historical Sites of Japan Japan’s Top 100 Castles" in 2006 and Dogo Onsen 2007.

    ■About 15 minutes by car from the hotel

Dogo Giyaman Glass Museum

  • Approximately 300 points of the largest number of West Japan exhibits are displayed on Japanese glasses from Meiji to Taisho, and rare Edo (time period) Gyaman / Bibiro.