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  2. Introduction of room type

Introduction of room type

  • Japanese-style room 【Standard type, 18 square meters to 22 square meters】

    "Warmth" warmth that makes me feel nostalgic.Here is the history of good old Japanese.
    Kisho Kurokawa Is a Japanese-style room with a relaxing harmony with the traditional style of Edo (time period) by modern design.

    ※The photo is an example.
  • Shofu Ro top floor Japanese + Western style room 801

    The corner room No. 801 on the top floor becomes the only Japanese + Western-style room in the hotel.
    You can see Matsuyama Castle and the city area from your room.
    Spacious Japanese style room (22 square meters), western style room with double bed, Japanese cypress
    Inner bath is complete.

    ※The inner bath is not a hot spring.
     Sleeps up to 4 adults.
     We do not accept children under the age of 12.
  • Room 808 on the top floor Shofu Ro

    Room 808 is a room on the top floor of the 8th floor where you can see the city from the room.
    The design of Kisho Kurokawa spreads throughout the room, in a room with sophisticated Japanese modernity,
    You can feel the traditional atmosphere that continues from the Edo (time period).

    ※The photo is an example.
    ※Sleeps up to 4 adults.
     We do not accept children under the age of 12.
  • Shofu Ro top floor Japanese modern twin Room 802-807

    Newly renovated guest rooms to open on March 1, 2023 ~6 rooms on the top floor of the 8th floor~
    The birth of a modern Japanese room with original designs by the master Kisho Kurokawa
    The top floor creates a high-quality relaxing space based on the concept of "spending a special time with someone special".

    ※The use is limited to 2 adults.
     We do not accept children under the age of 12.
  • Guest room with Shofu Ro open-air bath, "with garden bath with pouring Dogo-no-yu spring of Dogo-no-yu"

    There are 9 different rooms on the 7th floor with different Dogo Onsen Yuyu's garden outdoor bath.
    Guests can enjoy the hot spring of Yuyu with 100% Dogo Onsen guest room without hesitation
    It is the most popular room type in the hotel.
  • VIP room with garden

    Tea Room Juando best of Dogo-kan with its inner side and the border to the garden with the Tea Room Juando
    It is a room.
    Please enjoy the sofa so that you can relax relaxingly while watching the garden on the wide edge of the tatami floor.
    I'm leaving.In the room there is also a cypress built inner bath.
    ※The inner bath is not a hot spring.
  • Western-style Room 【Twin Room】

    It is a twin room that you can use for business as well as sightseeing.
    Although it becomes a small room, relaxingly in a quiet and quiet room
    Please relax.