Tell the contemporary the warmth of the good old days ~ The symbol of coexistence ~

  • Maestro of contemporary architecture, Kisho Kurokawa"Welcome to Dream Crystal, Dogo-kan"

    Good old things filled with peace and freshness.
    I call harmonization between old and new, symbiosis,
    I have made it my own architectural theme.
    Champ, Column space, gate, Bunko lattice.Townscape and nature in old age.
    A dream crystal that I have nurtured for many years, Dogo-kan,
    I hope to extend the joyful fun to everyone's journey.

                        Dogo-kan designer, Kisho Kurokawa
  • Inherited traditional Japanese tradition "heart of hospitality"

    We nurtured the heart of the traditional "Washi" carefully more than anything else.
    Especially in Shikoku is a culture in which the heart of 'Hospitality' to Hiraji is conveyed from long ago.

    We will help you make memories of your trip with precious hospitality of the inn.

... Dogo-kan, Information on facilities in facilities ...

  • Guest Room Information, ~Guest Room~

    "Traveling basket" had become a comfort of people's trip from long ago.Even if you change your name to an inn
    That mind does not change.
    We are preparing various types of room types to suit the purpose of your trip.
    Heals the tiredness of customers and leads them away from everyday life.It is the role of our Dogo-kan
  • Separate style restaurant Restaurant Shiki

    To provide you with the best taste of Setouchi, blessed with rich nature.
    Cherish the feeling of the season centering on Ehime's ingredients, carelessly spare time and effort,
    You can enjoy kaiseki cuisine created with confidence.

    There is also a day-trip meal plan with a public bathing bath ticket boasting of its pride.
  • Bath House, ~ The oldest hot spring in our country that also appears in the Nippon Shoki ~

    The public bathhouse of the hotel is 100% Dogo Onsen.
    In the spacious spaces rich in stone and wood's richness, continued to spring up from the old days of three thousand years,
    A famous hot spring will heal the tiredness of the trip.
    Please enjoy hot spring in the hot spring, hot spring water, hammered water, outdoor bath, sleeping bath, sauna and facilities.
    You can enjoy.
    Please enjoy the exquisite moment by departing from the daily hustle and bustle.

Recommended accommodation plan Dogo-kan

  • 【Popular number one】Enjoy a vivid seasoning with coloring, ~ Chief Chef Recommended Creative Kaiten Cuisine ~

    -, smack in the creative multi-course meal of Dogo-kan the chief chef to recommend with confidence, -

    Iyo chief chef carefully puts his hands on that occasional delicacy, mainly of Iyo's ingredients
    Please eat deliciously many of the finest tasting dishes.Not to mention the main dish,
    Chief chefs are also prepared for passion as well as handicrafts and treats that add color to match the four seasons.
  • "Room Food plan", Extreme taste of Japanese cuisine·Authentic Kaiseki cooking ~ Sho ~

    Enjoy cooking until your heart's content in your room ... , World Intangible Cultural Heritage as well
    Please enjoy the best time of Japanese cuisine inherited beyond the time of registration registered.
    Please enjoy it.
    Passionate about the fine local ingredients carefully selected, a full-fledged kaiseki cuisine with the master's skill,
    In the morning and evening you can enjoy it in the room leisurely without hesitation by anyone.
  • 【Ehime Brand snapper】To Aitai (cultured red sea bream) best Aitai (cultured red sea bream) in Japan ... Sea bream auction restaurant cuisine

    The Ehime prefecture has the shipment quantity of snapper is Japan's best.Among them, the prefecture designated brand fish "Aitai (cultured red sea bream)"
    We have earned high praise as a luxury red snapper.The grand scale of the Seto Naikai, which has high transparency and high tide flow, the snapper that grew up in the rich ocean of the Ehime Ocean is clogged and its unique flavor and original taste of the sea bream are packed.

    Sashimi, Iyo's local cuisine "Tin Misashi", and enjoy the Aitai (cultured red sea bream) taste of the sea bream, please fully enjoy the menu.

Event·Seasonal Information

  • Farewell Mukaekai plan, to 2 hours you can drink with a rare library plan -

    I am excited about my hopeful journey and new encounters
    Please enjoy the moment of joy. Please leave a welcome reception party to Dogo-kan.
    Please enjoy the pride of creative multi-course deals plan with unlimited drinks and cooking.
    I was prepared.
    In addition, we also have the benefits of the plan only.

    Mr. Secretary, please consider.
  • 【2019】Ehime no sake, Drink compare set

    Ehime prefecture is divided from Toyo district · middle pre-district · south frontier.
    Drink recommended sake from each region Compare sets
    We prepared.
    Ehime's sake fits in a fresh white food culture centered on white fish in Setouchi
    There is a little sweetness, it is characterized by alcohol that feels umami.
    Try Ehime 's alcohol at this opportunity.

    ·Toyo, Pure rice ginjiru, Longevity, Saijo city·Shuto Shuzo
    ·Middle price, Daiginjo, First snow cup, Shikabe-machi·Kyowa Shuzo
    ·Minami, Pure rice ginjiru, Miya Dance, Ikata-cho, Matsuda Shuzo

    We are also offering separately.
    ·Sold out because of various limited items There are times when you may be preparing another stock.

Other, - Notice from Dogo-kan -

  • Dogo REBORN project started (Dogo Onsen Main Building repair work)

    From January 15, 2019, preservation and repair work has been started to inherit the Dogo Onsen Main Building over 125 years in the future. It is Japan's first to do preservation and repair work while operating a public bath of important cultural property.
    The "Firebird" by Osamu Tezuka looks after the story of the regeneration of Dogo Onsen, healing people over time, and the symbol of eternal life leading people across time and space.
    Various contents such as light up and original animation appear one after another.
    You can enjoy the Dogo Onsen Main Building, which can only be seen during this period.
  • Announcement of renovation of the exterior wall

    Please spend a moment to heal external renovation · beauty work on the schedule of Monday, January 7, 2019 (Saturday) August 10, 2019.
    We will carry out.We appreciate your inconvenience but we appreciate your understanding,

    Period January 7, 2019(Month)~ 10th August 2019(soil)
    Rehabilitation part, East side 3rd - 6th floor outer wall part, ※Upper side of front entrance
           ※There is no influence inside the main room during the period.
             Working hours, 10:00 to 17:00

    ※If you have ordered with a normal accommodation plan, scaffolds etc from the room window of your stay
     There is no influence.
    (Room with some influence is plan in plan, we sell room type separately)
  • 【Notifications】Price revision of outpatient bathing

    Thank you for always Dogo-kan.
    We perform rate revision of foreign bath (day return hot spring) from April 27, 2019.

    (Current status)
    Adult(s), ¥ 1,000, Elementary school-aged children, 800 yen
    (After revision)
    Adult(s), 1,500 yen, Elementary school-aged children, ¥ 1,000

    Thank you for your understanding, I will continue to use it again in the future
    Thank you.

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