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Safe and safe service

About disaster safety

  • Dogo-kan is equipped with a large-scale in-house power generation facility in order to secure the customer safety in the event of a disaster.

    In the event of a power outage due to a disaster, you can immediately switch to in-house power generation and safely operate key electrical facilities such as elevator, lighting in the facility, central monitoring equipment for controlling facilities in the facility.Water used in the facility is groundwater pumped from a deep well in the premises of the hotel, so there is no worry about securing drinking water even if the water supply goes out of water.

    For fuel for in-house power generation equipment, please be assured we are stockpiling an amount that can operate continuously for more than 10 days.

Meal consultation

  • If you are on a meal control, you will be consulted on the meal contents of those who are allergic.If you have any requests about cuisine, please do not hesitate to consult us when making your reservation.
    (Additional charges may be incurred depending on your menu.)

Wheelchair stationary

  • If you need a wheelchair, please feel free to tell us.

Japanese style desk·Chair seat

  • You can set up a table and chair dedicated to the Japanese style room at your dining hall in the Japanese style room upon request.You can enjoy kaiseki cuisine without worry even if your legs are disabled.

    You can also set the room.
    If you wish, please contact the inn.

About using a public bath

  • You can set up lifting lift in the stairway to the public bath, and you can use it safely for people with foot problems.

    ※Persons with tattoos or persons who are inebriated are not permitted to use the public bath of this facility.

For customers with small children

  • Starting with yukata for children and sandals, we have various items and amenities.

    ·stroller ·Baby chair ·Bumbo ·Baby crib ·infant bedding ·Children's yukata
    ·Sandals ·Swing bed ·I will use a bath ·Baby bath ·Children's amenities ·Picture book ·toy ·Children's tableware, etc.
     (The number is limited.Please understand.)

    ※There is no preparation for diapers and baby food.

    We also prepare simple meals for small children.
    An example:Chawanmushi, udon, boiled fish, grilled fish, fried chicken, omelet, etc ...
    Please do not hesitate to ask us.

Wheelchair toilet

  • In addition to the general toilet, you can use the toilet for the wheelchair and keep it in the wheelchair.
    We also support ostomates.

Pet Hotel Introduction

  • The hotel basically refuses to stay with pets, but will be accompanied by pets
    We are pleased to present our guests with a reliable pet hotel near our hotel.

    【Information on the surrounding pet hotel】

Internet connection equipment

  • We are compatible with WI - FI in the entire facility including our guest room.