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Please enjoy the menu of the menu which enjoys the delicacy of Iyo in abundance with abundant nature of Setouchi.

  • Ehime Prefecture is a pleasure Mel location and seafood of Setouchi, the riches of the soil that nurtured a natural Ishizuchi
    We offer seasonal delicacies, cherish the taste of the local town, "What else can not eat".
    I would like to offer the best cuisine to excite momentarily moments from everyday life.
    To make you feel comfortable from the bottom of our heart, cooking, serve not only from ingredients,
    We are particular about everything, including vessels and treats, until delivery.

Restaurant Shiki

Private Room Meeting plan Group Dining plan

  • Individual room Kaiseki cuisine that colors scenes according to your purpose · number of people

    Relaxing in a private room or a room with just the group, please enjoy the happiness of Dogo.
    plan also varied.We used special ingredients from local cuisine with easy-to-use prices
    We are preparing for the finest class plan that can only be eaten at Dogo-kan.
    In addition, seasonal events (forgotten annual party / welcome party gathering) and a legendary meal
    We will propose a plan tailored to your purpose, such as an alumni association.
    ※Group plan will be applied by phone
     Dogo-kan, Reservations, 089-941-7782, (9: 00-20: 00)

Menu meal plan menu, Guidance(Night)

Bespoke food·Proposal for sake in Ehime

  • Various bespoke cuisine for each season · Enjoy local sake

    Dogo-kan addition to cuisine cuisine in Dogo-kan, you can enjoy various kinds of grace for each season
    Bespoke cuisine is also available.Please enjoy the delicacy of Iyo with seasonal materials and craftsmanship.
    Please enjoy it.

    In addition, Ehime Prefecture is also the “water place” that overflows from Mount Mt Ishizuchi highest peak in the western Japan.
    We also have a variety of local sake using that water.